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(미) Stafford House 샌디에고에 센터 오픈

We are excited to announce that our school in San Diego is moving to a NEW campus at 1111 6th Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101, and will officially open in early May!

We are putting the final touches on our new location, which will offer:
• San Diego inspired interior design
• 17 classrooms with 65” interactive televisions
• Self-study areas
• Kitchen
• Large student lounge
• Global Learning Center/Library
• Open air roof terrace
• Games room

Our new location is only a few blocks away from our existing school, however it is right on the trolley line - 1 minute walk away from 5th Avenue Station, and even closer to the downtown shopping and entertainment districts. A link to a map can be found here.

Our new school was specially designed to reflect the unique culture of San Diego.

Students currently studying in San Diego have received all necessary information about the upcoming move from our staff and we will continue to update them throughout the next few weeks.

We will have photos to share with you soon. If you have questions please get in touch.

We are looking forward to welcoming your students to our brand new school!

Stephan Roussounis
Managing Director,
Stafford House International
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