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(미)UCSD 2016년 9월 소식입니다.
Dear Partner:

Greetings from San Diego! I hope all is well. This year, I am happy to announce that we have the capacity to accept more University and Professional Studies (UPS) students into the Fall 2016 quarter that begins on September 15, 2016. Therefore, please disregard the approaching Fall 2016 UPS application deadline for May 6, 2016, as we will continue to accept new student UPS applications after May 6, 2016 until we reach maximum capacity.

If you have students interested in studying in the UPS Program during the Fall 2016 quarter, it would be best for them to submit their completed application and all supporting documents very soon. Only complete applications with all required supporting documents and fees can be accepted and processed for speedy turn-around so that we can help ensure sufficient time for your students to obtain their student visas and make their travel plans in good time.

I thank you for your understanding and support, and we look forward to welcoming your UPS students to campus.

If you have any questions about any of our procedures, please do not hesitate to email me or our UPS team at

Kind Regards,
(미)무료 인턴쉽 가능한 업체 리스트를 알려 드립니다.
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