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아일랜드 은행계좌 오픈시 추가 서류 필요 11월23일부터
*주소지를 증명할 서류가 필요합니다.

다음두 월요일부터 아일랜드 은행계좌오픈시 필요한 서류(거주지증명 - 의료보험증서를 통한)가 하나 추가됩니다.

From Monday 23rd November all Non EEA students who wish to open an Irish bank account will require a 2nd proof of address in addition to the school letter. The simplest and most practical 2nd proof of address is a copy of a medical insurance policy which must:

1. Contain the student’s local address in Ireland printed on the policy document
2. Be sent to this address by post
3. Be issued by a company regulated by the Irish financial regulator

The medical insurance supplied by ISI is issued by ODON and is already approved as a 2nd proof of address. We recommend that all your students book medical insurance through ISI as part of their course. ISI will only offer support in opening a bank account to students who purchase insurance that is approved and accepted by Bank of Ireland (BOI). If your agency uses an alternative insurance provider it must match the 3 criteria above and be approved by Bank of Ireland. ISI can seek approval from BOI if a sample of an alternative policy document can be supplied.

영국 비자 체류증(BRP) 수령 우체국 주소 관련 유의사항